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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website


Why Does This Matter?

Here are 5 reasons for "why does it matter". I've listed only what I think are the most important:

  1. Look Professional

    1st and most important are your contact details. If someone decides to refer your business to a friend, but all he remembers is that you make delicious pancakes, finger licking rib-eye steak or that you sell a great type of clothing, you will definitely lose this one. Point your locations on the map, let people know what is your contact number, working hours, email or even social media page and stop losing potential clients.

  2. Credibility

    People who come and buy something or use your service would definitely recommend you to their friends. How about if those clients that you had, leave a good review about your business or even write an article about how helpful your staff is? I think you know where I’m going.

  3. Respect

    Next on the line is the quality of stock or/and service that you offer. As I mentioned before, people do a lot of research before they decide to buy something or use someone’s service. Show your potential customers what you have to offer or what projects you’ve completed in the past and earn their respect before they even bought something.

  4. Control

    The best part?
    When having a website, you can choose what pages and content to have on it.
    How can you actually use this?
    Example: “Careers” page - looking to expand your business or replace a long well servant? No more chasing… Let the employees search for you. With such a small effort, you could save a lot of time and money.

  5. Prestige

    There is a possibility that you are just about to start a business. What better place to advertise than the internet? Give your business a jumpstart. Make people expect the first time you open your doors or go to their site and give them a service. With the proper strategy, you can surely succeed and moreover, become better than your competitors!

There are definitely more reasons for “why your small business needs a website”. Please feel free to add your thoughts to the comments below. I would love to hear them.

By S.S., 29th September 2017