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How to prepare for Pregnancy photo session


Are you ready for a pregnancy photo session?

In this article, we will talk about, makeup, clothes, shoes and everything else you need to prepare in order to feel confident and beautiful.

Prepare more dresses, skirts, pants and jackets which can be combined. You definitely need to have tide clothes, which will make your tummy stand out – after all, it’s a pregnancy photo session 😉. A tide dress will outline your belly, whist a short jacket will highlight it even more and will make it stand out. A bra or a bikini top is a good idea if you want to expose your belly but you’re not ready to show yourself completely naked. Soft and romantic atmosphere is easily achieved with a wide scarf covering your breast and legs, putting your belly in the front.

Make sure that you have brasseries without strap if you have clothes that require you to have one.

It happens often enough I need to mention… I offer some of my clients to do a few photos with clothes of the father, so feel free to throw in some of his shirts too.

I usually advise all ladies to take a few pairs of shoes with them, having at least one of them with high heels. You should feel comfortable, however, do not forget to be elegant! I’m sure, you’ll manage to last 5 minutes on high heels knowing you’ll achieve a few photos where you look like a wacky, sexy future mother.

Even if you don’t usually use foundation and you have a perfect skin, you’ll need to use it for a photo session. It’s best if you go to a makeup artist and ask for assistance. Ask particularly about the foundation for photo sessions in a studio as well as outdoors. Blush is also a necessity, else you might end up looking too pale. Actually, you’ll need to use a bit more than the usual, so that you’ll have a normal colour of the face even if you’re lit up by the flash. Enhance the shape of your eyes. Not mandatory or shall I say, not recommended at all to use very intense and shining eyeshadows. You’d be much better if you use mascara, eye pencil, eyeliner and maybe eyelashes extension. If you have long and dense eyelashes, you won’t need the extension, but if you don’t, they will disappear from the photographs, which will take away the expressiveness of your eyes.

It’s enough if you use lip gloss to emphasize the natural colour of your lips unless you are the provocative kind of person.

If you want to have a naked belly, you’ll need to work on a makeup for it too. Most women have stretch marks or dark spots. Apply a little body makeup and the problem is solved.

Feel free to bring any type of accessory with you. Picture from an ultrasound, first toy or clothes you bought for the baby. Every photographer prepares some type of accessories himself too. Baby shoes, flowers, scarfs, hats and other little things which can create dynamic in the whole setup.

Are you ready for a pregnancy photo session?

Credit - "Lambrev Photography"