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Affordable web design… What’s the real story?


Trust me, affordable website design services still exist. 'Affordable' means that you'll be able to use services at a reasonable price, without compromising the quality or features being offered.

An example: right now, we (at Whizartmedia) are running a great deal. Our next three clients will get 50% off the bill from the web and graphic design services we offer. I personally, never met a similar offer to this, however, there are other web design agencies out there, which could offer you a different type of package included in their normal price which is worth checking on. Please, do a good research before you make your final decision. Compromising on the budget not always means failure, but sometimes it might!

Think about it. Why would anyone try and sell you something so much cheaper than the rest of his competitors? He must be either crazy or really sucks at what he does, right? Well… in our case is more about the fame than money. We need to gain some popularity and show our audience what we’re capable of. Therefore, we aim to earn everyone’s trust and respect. Making enough money to cover our expenses while gaining experience is fine for the time being. How about the rest of the web design agencies out there, which claim to be affordable and really good at what they do? There are many ways and tools which can help you find out. Here is a small list of them:

  • GTmetrix - Analyzes site speed and compare with others

  • Google speed test - shows if developers are taking the extra step they promise to optimize your website

  • Neil Patel - Analyzes site SEO and compare with others

  • SEO site checkup - Analyze site SEO and compare with others

All services offered by the websites from that list are free unless you decide to subscribe to a paid plan. Spare 10 minutes of your time and do a small research. Most of the times, good agencies would have at least their main pages optimized for speed and SEO as much as possible.

Of course, there are other important things when choosing a web design agency. Some of them offer comprehensive services, while others specialize in a single sphere. Have in mind that web design comes in line with graphic design, SEO, social media, marketing and very often photography.

In any case having a website is a must no matter how big/small is your business. Get out there and grab yourself a great deal to have your business boosted.

By S.S., 20th October 2017