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7 Reasons that drive visitors away from your website


Here’s the deal

Everyone knows that visitors need just a few seconds to decide whether they like a website or not. 7 of the most important elements that matter are:

  1. Navigation

    If you haven’t structured your navigation properly, so that people using your website can go from one page to another, without the hassle to look for the link, then you’d better do! Ideally, navigation bars are located at the top of the web page, including a link to the home page, contact page and other important pages, which should have an easy to understand title.

  2. Homepage layout

    The homepage of every website is one of the things that matter the most. It’s a fact that people like to understand things they see. Try to use only meaningful content and place it on the right spot.

  3. Speed

    Something pretty obvious. Even if you think your website is loading fast, it may not be fast enough. About 50% of users quit waiting if a website doesn’t load within 2 seconds and the other 50% would quit after 3 seconds. Optimize images, HTML, CSS and JS files, remove unnecessary plugins and install the proper ones to achieve the best results possible.

  4. Mobile version

    You probably guessed this one… Since the discovery of the smartphones, responsive websites have become a must. Approximately 86% of the online presence is dedicated from mobile devices users. Google has started ranking responsive websites higher than the ones which are not responsive. I trust there aren't any more web designers or developers who would create a non-responsive website. Just when you’re out there looking, choose the one that makes it look good!

  5. Content

    You must have original, eye-catching content, be it photos YOU shot or articles YOU wrote. Never rely only on stock photos or old headlines. Try to make news and not to just to tell them. My advice is: don’t overdo things, bring fun in all stories, make them short and always ask people around you for advice.

  6. Social links

    More and more people every day rely on social media for news, communication, business and who knows what else… Having social media profile is not enough though. You need to be sure that people who visit your website will be able to follow you everywhere, because, this might be their way of doing things.

  7. Call to Action buttons

    Showing your audience what you have to offer (stock or service) is what they expect. You expect them to buy from you or hire you to do a job? Make it easier for them to do so. “Work with us”, “Get a quote”, “Order Now”… these are the actions that turn regular visitors into customers!

Keep your audience engaged, bring them value!
Disagree?... Please, tell us why.

By S.S., 09th October 2017