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10 Reasons why you need to update your website


If you’re on that page, it means you’ve already made the first step on the way to taking over your competitors. Keep reading to be put in lead.

  1. Your website isn’t responsive

    After the mobile devices came on the market, the world’s internet traffic has moved away from the desktop computers. Therefore having a website that offers a mobile version is a must.

  2. Your contact details are out of date

    Your services are the best of the best, but you only get returning customers and no newcomers… Surely having a contact form or a working email address would help.

  3. Your website is so old that most links don’t work anymore

    What’s the point of having so many pages if no one can access them?

  4. Your images are low quality or from a stock images website

    Invest in a professional photographer who can take the photos that you need to tell your story. You know what people say… A picture is worth a thousand words.

  5. You have a nice name for your website that matches your business requirements, but somehow your email address ends up differently?

    If you have a website called www.hotandtasty.com your email should also read yourname@hotandtasty.com and not yourname@gmail.com or …@hotmail.com …. it’s the same as if you paid for a Ferrari, but you’re driving a “Mini”… You get the point.

  6. Using the same old colours from 25 years ago

    Yes, you’re old school and everybody appreciate that you have experience and the way you do things, however thing have changed a little since 1992. All good designers can keep your style well formed and yet, add this little touch that will make you look like you came from the future.

  7. Your website’s layout and navigation are so confusing that just drives customers away.

    Yes, it might have been very interesting to show how innovative and skilled was the developer 5 to 10 years ago, but now it just looks ridicules and inappropriate. Please, keep it simple!

  8. The content on your website is the old boring executive stuff that no one wants to read anymore.

    Hire a content writer and fill in the blank space on your website. Use the appropriate fonts and add the spice to the dish that will make people want more and more.

  9. Your old website just isn’t social enough.

    Having just a Facebook page that shows your one group photo from the last update you’ve made isn’t enough. Make sure you have all of your social media accounts setup and connected through your website, to gain the most of them. There are probably hundreds of other companies out there that offer the same stuff or services that you do.

  10. Last on the list, but not, by all means, is the lack of load speed of your website.

    Nowadays users expect a website to load within few seconds from clicking on a link. Having too many images, not using the proper techniques and overall mashup will harm not just the load speed but also the SEO.

User experience is very important part of a website. Don’t hesitate to look for a professional advice, as it will sure help you decide what to do.
The best part?... Most of the times it is free of charge!

By S.S., 05th December 2017